The function as a service provider for remote viewing has been taken over by the former PSI unit subdivision PSI Core with headquarters in Berlin since 2022. PSI Core works with a highly qualified team of remote viewers, using the protocol proven over 3 decades for non-local perception in areas where the traditional ways of gathering information become difficult or even seem impossible.

PSI Core works in the field of information research. For example, in a search for persons, the reconstruction of events or the search for lost objects. In the economic field, trends, forecasts or decision-making questions are the most common areas of application. The information is compiled for you and professionally evaluated by our team. The viewers of PSI Core clarify technical issues in production or process engineering, develop personality and potential analyses for personnel decisions or support research projects with our capabilities.

Two remote viewers, Jana Rogge and Theo Fischer, are the founders of PSI Core. Responsibility for the various sub-areas was divided up in order to be able to deal more efficiently with the enormous variety of tasks. Since 2022 Theo Fischer is solely responsible for the company PSI Core Operational RV.