Kenneth A. Kress

Ken Kress was a long-term CIA observer at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Because of his background in physics, Ken Kress was selected to work with physicists Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff at the SRI to integrate the research and results and forward them to the CIA. Due to the highly sensitive information, Kress worked in the strictest of secrecy. He explains some of his statements and his position on the projects in the documentary “ Third Eye Spies

In his essay “A Personal Review and Conclusions” (Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 69-85, 1999 0892-3310 / 99 © 1999 Society for Scientific Exploration Parapsychology In Intelligence) Ken Kress wrote as last sentence:

For all the inconsistencies involved in investigating paranormal phenomena, I can look back on this period as a unique part of my career with cautious satisfaction. The project was equally fascinating and frustrating. The times called for a measured investigation which I helped organize and direct. Others followed the CIA program with results that I leave up to history to judge. I remain a skeptical agnostic. As time goes on, the more skeptical, but cautious, that even when paranormal phenomena are completely absurd, some individuals are able to instill belief in inexplicable abilities. How they do this and what the weak points for such temptations are is worth knowing.

Kenneth A. Kress Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), McLean, VA