PSI Encyclopedia

The PSI encyclopedia is created and legacy funded by the Society for Psychical Research to provide a more informative view of PSI research (also known as “parapsychology”) that reflects the findings of experimenters and researchers. The project started in 2014 and by January 2019 had nearly 300 entries with a total of 1.2 million words, written by more than 50 authors and experts. Readers are asked to keep in mind that this is a multi-year “work in progress” project that will see numerous additions, changes and improvements.

Types of entries include:

  • Review articles on general topics (e.g. experimental parapsychology, mediumship research, near-death experiences)
  • Articles examining aspects of these topics, key researchers, etc.
  • Case studies of key experiments and investigations (children remembering a previous life, poltergeist disorders, mediumship episodes, etc.)
  • Lists (people, events, experiments)
  • Some case studies contain PDF versions of the original research reports from which they are extracted, allowing the reader to understand the researchers’ methods and considerations in detail.

The PSI Encyclopedia is published by Robert McLuhan (


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