Excerpt from the original CRV Manual Paul H. Smith:

“Topic” is defined as “a subject of discourse or of a treatise; a theme for discussion.” Closely related to “subjects,” “topics” often prove to be sub-elements of one or more of the subjects already listed, and frequently are quite specific: “mass,” “Catholic,” “priest,” “communion,” and so forth. An interesting phenomenon to be here considered is that just as one of the subjects encountered may produce several topics, a topic itself may in turn be considered as a subject and produce topics of its own. This construction appears to be very hierarchical and “fractalized,” with larger cognitrons being subdivided into smaller ones, which in turn can be further divided, and so on. In fact, any emanation thus “broken out,” or “stage-fived” can itself often be further “stage-fived,” and subdivided into its own object/attribute/subject/topic categories.