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CRV Intermediate Training @ RVIS

The founders of PSI unit took the Intermediate course together with Paul H. Smith in Weimar, Germany.

CRV Intermediate Training @ RVIS2022-06-10T22:11:08+02:00

TRV Training @ RVA

The founders of PSI unit, Jana Rogge and Theo Fischer, both started their remote viewing trainings relatively simultaneously but independently around 2019/20. Both completed the training in TRV Stage 6 according to the German protocol derivative of Jelinski in the course of 2020. Through the various viewer networks in the German-speaking world and the common

TRV Training @ RVA2022-02-26T20:53:55+01:00

PSI.vision Institute

In January 2021, the PSI.vision Institute for Research and Application of non-local Perception was founded. The institute is dedicated to the three sub-areas of research, publication and education.

PSI.vision Institute2022-02-26T20:52:09+01:00

PSI Core

The PSI Core Operational Viewers Team is established. The first selected viewers from the Institute's Working Board receive an invitation to join the PSI Core Team. In principle, admission to the PSI Core Team is by invitation only if the corresponding viewers have shown themselves to be qualitatively outstanding in practical work for institute projects

PSI Core2022-02-26T20:48:47+01:00

CRV Basic Training @ RVIS

Start of the training of the original CRV according to Swann/Puthoff with Paul H. Smith, RVIS, Inc. The Basic Course includes one week of live training in Cedar City, Utah (USA).

CRV Basic Training @ RVIS2022-02-26T20:43:59+01:00

CRV Training @ Morehouse

Start of the online training in CRV according to David Morehouse. The online training includes an interactive study program and weekly live lectures with David Morehouse. The organizer is Remote Viewing Europe, a European training provider organized by Johan Niklasson.

CRV Training @ Morehouse2022-02-26T20:42:04+01:00

TRV Training @ Rattay

Gunther Rattay (TRV training, Stuttart, Germany) visits the PSI unit team for a 3-day live course in TRV. Since both participants already know TRV basics through their previous training in the German TRV derivative according to Jelinski, the main topics here are the correct TRV methodology, perception training, theory and subtleties for application.

TRV Training @ Rattay2022-02-26T20:37:31+01:00

Foundation of PSI unit

Theo Fischer and Jana Rogge get to know each other through a German viewer network. At the end of October 2020, the formation PSI unit emerges from the training and working alliance. The domain www.psi-unit.com is registered.

Foundation of PSI unit2022-02-26T20:44:53+01:00

Es gibt keinen Zufall, nur das Nicht-Kennen der Ursache

Remote Viewing entdeckt man nicht durch Zufall, sagen die „alten“ Viewer. Und: Rund um den Globus gibt es bis heute nicht viele aktive RVer. Eine kleine Gruppe, die jedoch eine Erfahrung gemeinsam hat: Wer einmal den „Kopf in die Matrix gesteckt hat“, den krempelt das Leben komplett auf links. Man kann das, was RV an Möglichkeiten bietet, nicht einfach ignorieren. Wir, die Gründer von PSI unit, haben das auch erlebt. Und nun wollen wir mit unseren Fähigkeiten etwas nutzbringendes und sinnvolles anfangen. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, wie wir damit nützlich sein können. Lesen Sie doch mal!

There is no coincidence, only not knowing the cause

Remote Viewing is not discovered by chance, say the "old" viewers. And: Around the globe there are not many active RVers until today. A small group, which has however an experience in common: Once you have "put your head in the matrix," life turns you completely inside out. You can't simply ignore the possibilities that RV offers. We, the founders of PSI unit, have also experienced this. And now we want to do something useful and meaningful with our abilities. There are many ways we can be useful with it. Have a read!

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