The term “target” is the previously defined and addressed question on which a remote viewer concentrates. Targets are created in advance by a tasker and are not known to the viewer during the session, it only receives abstract addressing in the form of a sequence of digits (coordinates).


Excerpt from the original CVR manual by Paul H. Smith (translated by Gunther Rattay, 1997):

The term “target” refers to what the Remote Viewer is focusing on. In other words, if a photo is placed in an envelope and then a remote viewer is asked to describe what is in the envelope, the photo in the envelope becomes the target area of the remote viewer.

A target can be pretty much anything. Whatever a remote viewer selects or is asked to look at is called “the target”. It can be an object, a place, an activity, an event, a person, an animal, a trip, a technology, an archaeological site, or something else.