Remote Viewing can not only be a tool for researching conditions and causes, but also a guide for finding solutions. With the health tool one can query where existing or possible problems lie, how these show up in practice (symptomatology) and how these can be optimally solved (suggested solutions).

The health tool as a standardized working tool can also be used to work on other processes and questions. Instead of examining a body, for example, one could also address technical malfunctions or problems in concepts and theories.

The information gathered through Remote Viewing serves as a suggestion and does not replace the diagnosis or treatment by the physician or alternative practitioner. If through the application of Remote Viewing self-regulations occur, which could be experienced and evaluated as physical, emotional or mental effects or even “cures”, neither Viewer/Monitor nor the applied methods are responsible for this in the legal sense.

Remote Viewing does not replace a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychiatrist as well as other helpful supporting physical or mental therapeutic treatments, but serves exclusively as a spiritual and mental orientation aid.

We explicitly point out that we do not make any diagnoses. We are not doctors or alternative practitioners, and do not appear as a doctor or alternative practitioner. We give in no way and at no time in any form of healing promises. Remote Vieweing does not replace a doctor’s visit, and you continue to consult with your doctor about any medications you are currently taking. In every consultation we clearly point this out.

Health Tool


localize existing and future physical problems, name causes and query possible solutions
technical and conceptual problem and solution search


CRV, TRV, Stage 6

The health tool is a relatively extensive unit of work which, when used in full, takes up the majority of a single session. Here, in several standardized steps, causes are researched and matching solution suggestions are queried.