There are several different tools for the mapping task, which achieve similar results using different procedures. It is also possible to combine these methods in order to cross-check the results. The core of the working method is always that the viewer works on an empty sheet, which has a correspondingly pre-coded counterpart on the monitor – invisible to it. The pre-coded sheet can contain sections of maps as well as, for example, abstract decision matrices.

Here once more the astonishing fact is revealed that with RV coordinates all arbitrary facts and independent of time and space can be addressed. On the one hand by the fact that the viewer can work, so to speak, true to scale 1:1 on a graphic template which he does not know and see; on the other hand also by the fact that he can spontaneously move to different geographical locations, change between them and also look around there in more detail or attach follow-up actions.



geographic mapping
Mapping to coded solution matrices


CRV, TRV, Stage VI

By using mapping, the viewer determines a position on a blind-coded map. In addition, he can “look around” at the locations found and provide visual impressions as support.