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CRV – R&D in military times

Today's CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) was developed with the goal of being able to transfer "natural psychics" capabilities to selected non-media trainees. In addition, protocol-based work had the effect of allowing cleaner analysis of the data and dealing with the problem of AOLs.

CRV – R&D in military times2021-08-29T04:17:42+02:00

The truth ist out there.

The intelligence service report on the "Preliminary Assessment of Unidentified Air Phenomena" released today had been eagerly awaited. In the last few weeks and months, more and more photos and videos have been leaked, some of which were later officially confirmed. But what does that mean in connection with remote viewing?

The truth ist out there.2021-06-26T05:18:55+02:00

Hella Hammid

Hella Hammid was the first civil person to work with Russell Targ and Dr. Harold E. "Hal" Puthoff. She was the first female remote viewer, at all the first "normal person" viewer without prior psychic experience ...

Hella Hammid2021-06-14T02:47:22+02:00

Third Eye Spies

Of the four main characters who have been involved in researching and justifying the method since 1972, only two are still alive today. One of them, Russell Targ, was the producer of the film "Third Eye Spies" (2019). The producer managed to get such a large number of people who belonged to the "original cast" in front of the camera, as it will probably never be possible again. [more ...]

Third Eye Spies2021-08-20T16:45:42+02:00

There is no coincidence, only not knowing the cause

Remote Viewing is not discovered by chance, say the "old" viewers. And: Around the globe there are not many active RVers until today. A small group, which has however an experience in common: Once you have "put your head in the matrix," life turns you completely inside out. You can't simply ignore the possibilities that RV offers. We, the founders of PSI unit, have also experienced this. And now we want to do something useful and meaningful with our abilities. There are many ways we can be useful with it. Have a read!

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