AOL Matching

Excerpt from the original CRV manual by Paul H. Smith:

With the expansion in aperture inherent in Stage III, and after appropriate AI, the AOL phenomenon develops to where a viewer’s AOL may match or nearly match the actual signal line impression of the site. For example, if the site were Westminster Abbey, the viewer might produce the AOL of Notre Dame cathedral. Or he might even actually get an image of Westminster Abbey that nevertheless fills all the criteria for an AOL.

According to theory, the matching AOL is superimposed over the true signal line. It is however possible with practice to distinguish the vague parameters of the true signal line “behind” the bright, distinct, but somewhat translucent image of the AOL. The viewer must become proficient at “seeing through” the AOL to the signal line. Use of “seeing through” here must not be taken to imply any visual image in the accepted sense of the word, but rather as a metaphor best describing the perceptory effect that manifests itself.