Signal line

The signal line is a hypothetical contact surface to the signals and information emanating from the matrix and flowing into the subconscious of the viewer, from where they can reach the conscious perception of the viewer and be recorded by the trained RV process, which can lower or open the perception threshold, at least for a limited time. The model of the signal line belongs to the original word creations of Ingo Swann, the inventor of the method, who with this vocabulary gave Remote Viewing its identity, which is still coherent today.

Again, the translation problem has to be considered here. Even though German remote viewers mostly use the term “Signallinie” as a translation of “Signal line”, the better translation of the English term “line” would be “Leitung” in the sense of an information channel and not “Linie” with the meaning of a mark on paper. This explains perhaps the greatest misunderstanding in the assignment of the function of the “signal line”. (Contrary to further misunderstanding interpretations, the signal line also does not mean the ideogram, even if this represents a line on paper).

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