The conscious mind is the aspect of self that guides you through the tasks of the physical, four-dimensional world. The conscious mind is responsible for putting all of the data extracted from any combination of the unconscious and subconscious minds together into a coherent thought form.

The conscious mind is responsible for piecing together fragments of thought into larger chunks or concepts, often abstract concepts related to life in the physical. The conscious mind is that part of you that is in constant choice between the cycles of observer and evaluator. The conscious mind keeps analyzing everything that is perceived, categorizing data, putting it together and giving it meaning, even if it is constructed from fragments of distant experience. The conscious mind operates while the remote viewer is awake and in a beta brainwave state, an alpha brainwave state, and, in rare cases, a shallow theta brainwave state. In a deep theta brainwave state or in an ultra deep delta brainwave state, the conscious mind is viewed as inactive, indifferent, and unconscious.