Bilocation is a remote viewing concept. Bilocation defines the state when the physical body and consciousness are in two different places. The viewer perceives the intended target area mentally, separate from the physical body. Bilocation usually refers to an almost complete awareness of the target object, so much so that the viewer immerses so far that he can fully perceive all conditions on site with his senses. Under certain circumstances, a so-called “bilocation break” must take place in a session so that further data can be generated.

The effect of bilocation can have both positive and negative effects. It is positive for the generation of data if the viewer can “look around” on site, because he really feels spatially there. This has a negative effect when, for example, the autonomic nervous system reacts to the changed data situation in the brain – viewers have suddenly complained of shortness of breath when they “visit” the moon or underwater.

The effect has been proven in various scientific papers.


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