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The Farsight Institute (“Farsight Research, Inc.”) was founded in 1995 by Courtney Brown. As a non-profit research and education organization, it is committed to researching and understanding the phenomenon of remote viewing through scientific experiments. The institute’s work is best known on the YouTube channel for its visually stunning and lavishly staged session videos. But behind these spectacular visuals, serious and strategic research is being done at the Farsight Institute. The current board members are:

There is also a company called “Farsight, Inc.”, which operates economically and mainly deals in Farsight DVDs and merchandise. This branch of the company was spun off to keep the research and education mission in a non-profit setting.

Much of the research conducted at the Farsight Institute combines theories of quantum mechanics with interpretations of the experimental remote viewing data. This has led to new insights into the remote viewing phenomenon as well as the nature of time and physical reality.

The more recent research results on remote viewing have not only confirmed – as we already suspected – that the signal line theory must be replaced by other explanations. For example, new research also suggests that alternative futures do indeed exist, and that the past coexists with the present. Experiments also suggest that the transfer of information over time does not require the enormous energy consumption associated with wormhole singularities.

These and similar questions are undoubtedly among the most profound questions that science deals with today.


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