The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) was founded on March 18, 1999 by selected academics and practitioners who met in Alamogordo, New Mexico in connection with the first professional conference on remote viewing.

The ultimate goal was to create an organization that would provide a mechanism for evaluating the discipline called “remote viewing”, promoting scientifically based research, proposing ethical standards, and uniting the remote viewing community and the general public Provides an overview of educational information.

The main goal of IRVA is to provide an unbiased approach to information, training, research and education related to remote viewing.

One of the primary roles of IRVA is to maintain a credible and responsible remote viewing focused website that presents the following

  • Important existing published scientific evidence
  • Newly published scientifically published articles
  • Current training opportunities / considerations
  • Remote viewing practice goals
  • Community discussion forum
  • Remote viewing videos
  • Easy access to the CIA Stargate archives
  • Listing of events on the topic of remote viewing