Maximilian Müller

Maximilian Müller, Remote Viewing

Maximilian Mueller during his presentation at the IRVA Conference 2018

Maximilian Müller, a remote viewer trained in Germany, examined in 2016 at the Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg together with the psychologist Dr. Marc Wittmann from the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Hygiene examined the effectiveness of remote viewing using remote viewing. Her article about it was published in 2017.

“The procedure examined in our study is based on the original protocol that was used between 1978 and 1995 in the projects that were kept secret at the time,” explains Maximilian Müller. The scientists did their study in the Anomalous Journal (July 2017, Volume 17, Pages 83-104). The result of the Proof-of-principle study is so significant that scientists have come to the conclusion that humans could actually have the ability to perceive extrasensory.

For the study, 36 random people were initially stimulated in individual experiments by a so-called whole field (complete homogeneous environment in which the constant “mental noise” is to be reduced) and then sent in a double-blind RV session to one of six random targets. All six photos were then disclosed and the test subject himself could determine which of the photos achieved the highest agreement with his session.

The random probability with 36 people and six targets shows that six targets are also given the highest ranking – purely by chance. In fact, the photos were correctly assigned not only in 6 but in a total of 14 out of 36 cases, which is a statistically (highly) significant result. The probability that the result is due to sheer coincidence is 0.09 percent. “In addition, the actual target was rated with the second highest agreement in 12 cases. If you take this result into account in the overall evaluation, the result is a hit probability of 72.2 percent instead of the expected 33.3 percent, ”said Müller.

Max Müller draws the conclusion with regard to remote viewing: “Furthermore, every person seems to have the ability to achieve results with the RV protocol, albeit in different quality.”

As a result, there were a few more studies with positive approaches in the sense of PSI research, which can be continued in the future.


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