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PSI unit – Psychology Science Intuition unit
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At PSI unit, we believe in and support the principles of verifiable truth, integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability in our dealings with clients, individuals who are targets of remote viewing, the scientific community, the news media, law enforcement and the general public. It is the purpose of these ethical guidelines to demonstrate to our clients a clear understanding of our responsibilities as Remote Viewers.

PSI unit will comply with all applicable governmental laws and regulations when conducting remote viewing activity on behalf of clients or itself, particularly with respect to one or more living persons as targets.

At PSI unit, we are committed to providing honest, reliable and accurate information to our clients, using standardized protocols and acting in accordance with those protocols.

PSI unit will protect all confidential information provided to it by clients and will exercise the utmost care to prevent unauthorized disclosure of such information.

PSI unit will maintain confidentiality with respect to its clients in order to protect the privacy interests of all persons involved in the remote viewing session, unless properly authorized.

The targeted collection of personal information about targeted individuals may only be done for lawful purposes. Except when done in support of a law enforcement investigation, personal information collected in this manner may not be disclosed to third parties without the consent obtained in advance from the individual(s) targeted or identified in this manner or about whom personal information was collected.

PSI unit shall not disclose any information to any person not authorized by the customer or by applicable laws or regulations.

PSI unit will disclose to any client any conflict, whether legal, moral or personal, that would prevent the Remote Viewer from conducting an objective, fair, accurate and scientifically sound Remote Viewing session.

PSI unit will always conduct itself ethically and will not misrepresent the nature, character, accuracy potential, or reliability potential of Remote Viewing and its various protocols and processes beyond what is demonstrably known or can reasonably be assumed through documented experience or reputable scientific research.

PSI unit will act in good faith to ensure that all other persons associated with a remote viewing assignment for a client adhere to these ethical guidelines when conducting remote viewing activities on behalf of the client. These activities include, but are not limited to, targeting, contracting, remote viewing, session analysis, and operational management of the remote viewing process.

PSI unit will refrain from any conduct that would bring its client negative attention from the general public.

PSI unit will never undertake a remote viewing assignment that is or could reasonably be construed as contrary to the protection of the national or domestic security interests of the state.

PSI unit ethically agrees to refrain from misrepresenting or disparaging other Remote Viewers in any public or media forum for the purpose of obtaining a work order or unfair advantage.