Jana Rogge

Jana Rogge is a German researcher, graphic designer and author. She’s a trained and accomplished remote viewer, and has created international connections in the remote viewing field.

Jana currently serves as a Senior Advisor to MK Advisors. In her role, she is leading an R&D effort for multi-phase, long-term studies on remote viewing and ESP applications and technology development, helping to leverage the organization’s projects.

MK Advisors is a US based, woman owned business operating in the Pacific, sub Saharan Africa, and the US with the Department of Defense, and communities to accelerate the adoption of advanced technology for the productive use of energy and economic development.

Jana Rogge is the editor of two English-language parapsychology magazines (Aperture, New Thinking Allowed Magazine.) Jana runs several projects and companies, including a research institute, a communication and design agency, two publishing houses and operational remote viewing work groups. For many years she held a teaching position at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, where she taught the fundamentals of visual design and perception theory.

Jana Rogge is member of the Parapsychological Association (PA), the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), the Society of Scientific Exploration (SSE), the German Society of Anomalistics (GfA) and the Rhine Research Center.

Jana Rogge has written and published books on a variety of different topics.
She authored and published From Star Gate to Today-CRV After 3 Decades (Eckhaus Verlag, 2021), the German translation of Paul Smith’s book, Essential Guide: Grundlagen des Remote Viewing (Eckhaus Verlag, 2022) and the English-language compendium The Foundations of Controlled Remote Viewing by Paul H. Smith and Tom McNear that collects fundamental CRV works.