What is the difference between remote viewing and clairvoyance?

The aim of remote viewing is to get information that cannot be accessed with the normal senses because one is spatially and / or temporally separated from the object of interest. The term “remote viewing” would probably be a more precise description than the literal translation of “remote viewing” – it is not directly about seeing.

PSI techniques are used as a means of obtaining information, i.e. work with psychological means or extra-sensory perception – which is so called because the reception channels used for this are outside the known 5 senses and have not yet been conclusively researched. Therefore, the method is often confused with the extra-sensory perception of naturally PSI-gifted people, i.e. clairvoyants, media, telepaths and the like, due to ignorance.

A technique with a physically measurable effect

In contrast to this, remote viewing is a technology – a working method – that is not based on pure intuition, but enables the coordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain to be physically and actively changed *. The impressions that are called up are the same that a PSI-gifted person receives. The difference, however, is the forwarding and processing of this data.

Since remote viewing is based on a technology, basically everyone is able to learn and use it. This, too, distinguishes remote viewing from the work of the “naturally gifted” PSI media. Everyone can – in themselves – experience that this type of remote viewing works.

As with all skills, this is followed by a period of learning, practicing and training in order to be able to apply the work processes fluently. Here, too, it’s like in “normal” life: Everyone can learn to use their legs, but some prefer sprinting, others long distances, and others prefer to hike. Depending on the disposition, there are different types of receptionists who can perceive different things well. One could roughly classify “technology viewer” and “social viewer”, but in detail there are dozens of reception types. If you know, these can complement each other in your work. Seen in this way, remote viewing is more of a “team sport”, if only because two people are required for the basic constellation – viewer and monitor. If you want to shed light on a question, at least two teams work on it, often more. There are also people who use the technique in solo configuration, but this is more of a special case for working out more specific questions and should only be mentioned here for the sake of completeness.

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The entire remote viewing protocol is designed in such a way that it should as far as possible rule out any overlaying of the data with the viewer’s own interpretations. In spite of everything, the result of a viewer is never 100 percent correct. That is why you usually have a question examined by several viewers. Then you filter out the facts that are consistently described by the viewers. These work “blindly”, so they don’t know more about the task than a random sequence of digits that is used as a coordinate. So if several people make consistent statements in this way, you can rely very much on their evidence. Ultimately, this is the difference that differentiates working with RV from other methods of gathering information in connection with PSI.

* At the end of the 1990s, brain researcher Günther Haffelder was able to demonstrate in several series of experiments how the application of the remote viewing protocol literally “put the left brain to sleep” for a defined period of time, and thus allowed the work program of the right brain to provide information about the to transport the subliminal threshold into waking consciousness.

“How should remote viewing be classified from the point of view of brain research?” Interview with Günther Haffelder at the Institute for Communication and Brain Research, May 1997 in two parts.

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Remote Viewing im Auftrag


Viele verschiedene Fragestellungen sind mit Remote Viewing erforschbar. Besonders reizvoll ist auch die Möglichkeit, unabhängig von Raum und Zeit Orte und Situationen zu beleuchten und nach Lösungen zu suchen. Erwarten Sie aber keine Wunder – auch der beste Remote Viewer hat keine 100-prozentige Trefferquote. Die Methode ist nicht unfehlbar und hat Empfehlungs- oder Beratungscharakter.

Durch Remote Viewing eingeholte Informationen sind ausschließlich Empfehlungen oder Beratungen ohne Gewährleistung. Wir empfehlen, sich umfassend zu informieren und alle verfügbaren Informationen auf der Basis von Logik und Rationalität abzuwägen. Speziell im Gesundheitsbereich gilt: Die Inhalte der Sessions können und sollen nicht verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Behandlungen zu beginnen.