Personal considerations

Excerpt from the original CRV manual (translated by Gunther Rattay, 1997):

Personal factors that impair mental functioning or could even turn it off completely. Muscle pain, colds, allergies, menstrual cramps, depression, mental and emotional stress, etc. could mean greater difficulties for the viewer to access the signal line, but they can be “walked through” and are ultimately only less nuisance. Only hunger and the urgent need for the elimination of bodily needs can lead to a total failure of the system. It is therefore necessary for the viewer to find out and report any ailments, either at the beginning of the session or at the time of their occurrence. Otherwise, these can cloud or falsify the functionality of the viewer if they are not removed from the system through objectification (see below). Before the coordinates are given, the monitor will preferably ask the viewer whether he is feeling any personal ailments in order to clean the system as well as possible for an optimal session.
There is evidence that there is another category of ailments that we should refer to as environmental ailments. Extremely low frequency waves (ELF) of electromagnetic radiation could play a crucial role in this. Experience and some research indicate that changes in the geomagnetic field – usually triggered by solar winds or solar flares, can lead to a reduction in the RV system or to a total failure. Continued research projects try to discover the actual connections, connections – if any – between solar winds, ELF and the functionality of the human psyche.