PI – Personal Inclemencies

Excerpt from the original CRV manual by Paul H. Smith:

Personal considerations that might degrade or even preclude psychic functioning–muscle pains, colds, allergies, menstrual cramps, hangovers, mental and emotional stress, etc., could cause increased difficulty to the viewer in accessing the signal line, but could be “worked through”, and ultimately are only minor nuisances. Only hunger and a pressing need to eliminate body wastes cause the system to totally not function. It is important, though, that the viewer identify and declare any inclemencies either at the first of the session or as they are recognized, since unattended agendas such as these can color or distort the viewer’s functioning if not eliminated from the system through objectification (see below). Preferably, the monitor will ask the viewer if he has any personal inclemencies even before the first iteration of the coordinate so as to purge the system as much as possible before beginning the session proper.
There is evidence that an additional category of inclemencies exist, which we might refer to as environmental inclemencies. Extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation may have a major role in this. Experience and certain research suggests that changes in the Earth’s geomagnetic field–normally brought about by solar storms, or “sunspots”, may degrade the remote viewer’s system, or actually cause it to cease functioning effectively altogether. Ongoing research projects are attempting to discover the true relationship, if any, between solar storms, ELF, and human psychic functioning.