Edward “Ed” Dames [Major, ret.]

1983 Major Ed Dames was assigned to the Army Inscom project CENTER LANE, which was later led under STARGATE. Ingo Swann trained him up to stage 3. As Operations and Training Officer in the PSI espionage unit of the American Defense Intelligence Service DIA, Major Ed Dames and his team gained a lot of verified information for the military through remote viewing. They located Soviet missile bases, exposed Russian viewers and found missing prisoners of war in Vietnam and the kidnapped US General James Dozier.

Even before his military retirement, he founded the company PSI TECH Corp., of which he is president to this day. PSI TECH offers TRV services for companies and authorities. Among other things, Ed Dames located missing people, including the millionaire and pilot Steve Fossett, whose plane went missing in Nevada, and a young girl from Colorado named Christina White, who was swallowed by the earth.

Ed Dames also offers TRV training for private individuals. His nickname “Dr. Doom ”, which he received in the remote viewer scene, he got through a series (of course, which did not occur) doom and gloom scenarios, with which he has often been in the limelight since the late 1990s.


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