Russell Pickering

Russell Pickering is an American remote viewer and student of Paul H. Smith.

Russell is from Seattle, Washington. After serving in the United States Air Force, he worked for the Seattle Fire Department.

His remote viewing journey began around 2010 when he came across the CRV manual on the internet. He contacted Paul H. Smith, but was still too impatient at the time to wait for the long waiting time for his courses and therefore decided to study with Ed Dames first. This is followed by many years of intensive study of the topic.

Russell decided to go back to the roots of Remote Viewing and from there rebuild his understanding in a new and comprehensive way. In particular, he studied the records of Ingo Swann, especially his early studies, and delved in detail into his extensive research and creative work on the creation of the CRV protocol. His journey in the footsteps of Ingo Swann even brought him to Germany.

Almost 10 years went by with research, constant training and exchange with other remote viewers before he contacted Paul H. Smith again, this time accepted the waiting time and completed all the courses one after the other that were offered by the RVIS. (Basic, Sketching, Intermediate, Operational, Advanced).

Today Russell is very active in the international remote viewing scene, for example as a co-host of several of the well-known “Friday Night RV Talks” and as one of the moderators of the (int.) Facebook group “ Remote viewing / remote perception “.


Video statement from Russell Pickering about his training: It Was the Manual That Did It: Russell’s Remote Viewing Journey

My name is Russell Pickering, I’m from Seattle, Washington, my background is United States Airforce military and then an 8 year career with the Seattle Fire Department.

My Remote Viewing journey actually started with Paul Smith, looking for conciousness related matters on the internet I came across the Controlled Remote Viewing Manual and found out that it was a military document. Having been in the Air Force an being familiar with military manuals I was flipping through it and I was quite shocked when I started seeing words like “matrix” and other consciousness terms and I was amazed that the military was doing this. So I started researching, read the manual and when I was really intrigued I think in part because the military had authenticated or given credit to the matter.

So at that time about 2010 I had contacted Paul, he had some delay, a waiting list for classes and I didn’t take that class but at the time I took another one. One of my friends was such a good remote viewer that they were literally drawing the target, which I was very very skeptical about, I thought there has to be some trick. So, one day I took a target away to my office, I went to my office, created a target and locked it in my safe at the office, came home, gave the friend of mine, Catherine, the control numbers and she would draw the picture again. At that moment, it was a little bit emotional, because it changed my life. I realized, everything I had thought about, imagined, to be true, but never had any proof for, was right there in front of me and undeniable . At that moment I became a believer and I haven’t turned back since.

I’ve been studying the topic and finally a year ago I re-contacted Paul, decided to do the waiting list and taking two, no, three courses with him and that has changed my life in every respect.

Well, Paul’s personal characteristics are… just, he’s one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. The care that he gives you, the attention, the forthright direct criticism, he tells you like it is and he gives you a chance to see it like it is and make the changes that need to be done. The homework assignments and the follow-up and the commentary and the care he gives you even when you’ve gone back home, hoping that you’ll continue, finish the homework and qualify yourself for the next class.
The experience here in Cedar City is amazing. The people, the food, the environment, the field trips are absolutely beautiful, and in particular this class of people we have, we’ve just had a total bond, a synergy, a chemistry, we’ve laughed, we’ve had fun. You’re gonna work hard, people say “oh, you know …” – no, it’s gonna be hard, pay attention, work hard, do your assignments, do your essays, and you’ll be successful at this.