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* eight martinis is a magazine dedicated to the pursuit and application of the art of remote viewing. Each issue presents RV Sessions & RV Examples, Projects, News and Theories from some of the leading practitioners and thinkers.

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Stubblebine, Albert

As a highly decorated major general in the US Army, Stubblebine was the key figure in the establishment of secret service programs for the use of PSI phenomena. He is considered the main sponsor of the famous STAR GATE project and massively supported further research on the practical applicability of remote viewing.

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Heim, Burkhard

Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) was a German physicist whose main work - the attempt at a unified field theory that was supposed to bring quantum physics into line with the theory of relativity - represents a reliable theoretical basis for the effectiveness of remote viewing according to the current state of the art.

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Brown, Courtney

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., founded the Farsight Institute in 1995 and is the director of this unique non-profit research and educational organization to this day. Dr. Brown's primary research interest at the institute is in the new field of "sociophysics," a science that combines mathematics, social science, and physics with the study of consciousness.

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Morehouse, David

Nowadays David Morehouse is mainly active as a teacher for remote viewing. He was deployed as a military remote viewer in the INSCOM / DIA program and served from 1987–1991 in Fort Meade during the SUN STREAK project. Later he also worked as a salaried RVer for PSI TECH (1992).

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Atwater, F. Holmes "Skip"

Captain F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater was the founder of the US Army's remote viewing unit. Beginning in 1977 with the program's first codename, "Gondola Wish," Skip, in collaboration with another officer, Major "Scotty" Watt, recruited and trained the first remote viewers assigned to the unit.

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The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a freedom of information law that came into force in the United States in 1967 and gives anyone the right to request access to documents from government agencies.


Fort Meade

Fort George G. Meade is a United States Army facility in Maryland that houses the Defense Information School, Defense Media Activity, United States Army Field Band, United States Cyber Command headquarters, National Security Agency, Defense Courier Service, the headquarters of the Defense Information Systems Agency, and US Navy's Cryptologic Warfare Group Six are located.

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Pettingell, Gabrielle “Gabi”

Gabrielle Pettingell played a notable role in the secret history of military remote viewing and introduced numerous innovations that have long since become part of the remote viewing process.

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Rattay, Gunther

Gunther Rattay is a German TRV trainer and the "progenitor" of the German remote viewing scene. He teaches the CRV/TRV protocol of Ed Dames.

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Es gibt keinen Zufall, nur das Nicht-Kennen der Ursache

Remote Viewing entdeckt man nicht durch Zufall, sagen die „alten“ Viewer. Und: Rund um den Globus gibt es bis heute nicht viele aktive RVer. Eine kleine Gruppe, die jedoch eine Erfahrung gemeinsam hat: Wer einmal den „Kopf in die Matrix gesteckt hat“, den krempelt das Leben komplett auf links. Man kann das, was RV an Möglichkeiten bietet, nicht einfach ignorieren. Wir, die Gründer von PSI unit, haben das auch erlebt. Und nun wollen wir mit unseren Fähigkeiten etwas nutzbringendes und sinnvolles anfangen. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, wie wir damit nützlich sein können. Lesen Sie doch mal!

There is no coincidence, only not knowing the cause

Remote Viewing is not discovered by chance, say the "old" viewers. And: Around the globe there are not many active RVers until today. A small group, which has however an experience in common: Once you have "put your head in the matrix," life turns you completely inside out. You can't simply ignore the possibilities that RV offers. We, the founders of PSI unit, have also experienced this. And now we want to do something useful and meaningful with our abilities. There are many ways we can be useful with it. Have a read!

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