Dr. John David Morehouse

David Morehouse (* 1954 ) is nowadays mainly active as a teacher for remote viewing. He was deployed as a military remote viewer in the INSCOM / DIA program and served from 1988–1990 in Fort Meade during the SUN STREAK project. Later he also worked as a salaried RVer for PSI TECH (1992).

David Morehouse’s military career has been very remarkable and varied, with infantry, parachutists, combat divers, scouts and a special operations unit. He holds a Masters of Military Art and Science Degree, a Masters in Administration, and a PhD in Education. He used to be a highly decorated officer for special operations in the US Army and most recently worked as an expert on non-lethal weapons for the elite Study Group of the Chief of Staff of the Army.

During a mission to Jordan in 1987, Morehouse was wounded in the head and had visions and out-of-body experiences as a result. When he shared his strange experiences after his recovery, he was recruited into the remote viewing program. There he remained active for about 2 years and then switched back to regular military service. But after a short time he left the Army completely and resigned his command in 1995, in a rift with his former employer. There are many stories about the reasons and why, as well as trials of unsubstantiated allegations that almost led to a dishonorable discharge. Dr. Morehouse himself sees the reason, among other things, in his book “Psychic Warrior”, on which he was working at the time and which appeared the following year (St. Martin’s Press, 1996 – meanwhile translated into 14 languages). In it he reports on his experiences as a remote viewer, but also on his view that remote viewing should be used for the benefit of mankind and not in the way that developments were taking at the time. In places there are hints of the development of lethal applications that he could no longer reconcile with his worldview. In fact, David Morehouse has been on the twice State of the World Forum of the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation lectured on issues of global peace and alternative methods of conflict resolution. In 1999 a committee of scientists and educators from the United States and Europe nominated him for the Nobel Prize in the “Alternative Sciences” category.

In 1997 David Morehouse founded the company Remote Viewing Technologies, which was initially supposed to train police officers in remote viewing. Since 1998 civilians have also been trained. Morehouse teaches exactly the military protocols and standards according to which he himself was trained and worked in the remote viewing unit. During his apprenticeship, he often taught large groups, and to date has trained more than 15,000 students worldwide.

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