The “Deep Mind Probe” is a kind of template with which a personality analysis is started. Data such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, goals, desires and fears are cataloged. For each area it is possible to distinguish between conscious and unconscious characteristics. Also the inquiry of a “calling” or possible occupation recommendations belongs to this area.

Personality analysis is often used as a tool, for example, to make professional decisions. But self-reflection is also an important step in other areas.

In a professional context, it is still conceivable to examine the best position or development opportunities for employees and applicants. However, it is important to note that our Code of Conduct states that we do not conduct full Deep Mind Probes without the consent of the individuals interviewed in each case. We should all respect that an ethical responsibility arises from the ability to inquire about anything in principle. Everyone will agree that statements about weaknesses, fears or desires are very private and should remain so if the person does not consent.

Deep Mind Probe


Personality analysis
Query of strengths, weaknesses and potentials
Profession and vocation


CRV, TRV, Stage VI

A fully conducted Deep Mind Probe is a very personal and often very illuminating message from the Matrix, which the person being interviewed should then take time to consider for themselves.