When asked where the human consciousness receives PSI information from, naming difficulties arise very quickly. There are many terms for it, all of which mean something similar: “Morphic field”, “quantum field”, “Akasha Chronicle”, “God’s Database” or “All-One” are just a few examples. In the remote viewing scene, it was agreed to use the term “matrix” as a name.


Excerpt from the original CRV manual by Paul H. Smith:

The matrix has been described as a huge, immaterial, very structured, spiritually accessible network of information that contains all data pertaining to the physical and the non-physical universe. In the same sense as Karl Gustav Jung’s cosmic subconscious, the matrix is also open and encompasses all persons as well as all information that relates to acc. human definition to refer to living or non-living things. It is this information area from which the encoded data on the signal line originate. This matrix can be imagined as a huge, three-dimensional geometric arrangement (arrangement) of points, in which each individual point contains a single piece of information. Every geographic location on earth has a corresponding section in the matrix that corresponds exactly to the nature of the physical location. If the viewer is given a specification by means of the coordinates or another target specification method, then he gains access to the signal line and thus to the data in the matrix relating to the target area. As soon as he successfully receives this information on the signal line and he decodes it through his consciousness and mental powers in the context (overall context), he makes this information available for analysis and further exploration by himself or others.


A humorous variant of the matrix definition can be read in Issue 1 of the * eight martinis (Article “What is the matrix? A Primer” from p. 20) (Our recommendation for a detour into the most beautiful RV insider humor!)