Sidereal time

There have been a number of trials in the past that have gathered evidence that human PSI skills, such as remote viewing, are influenced by external factors. [more ...]

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RV: Science and Wikipedia

Russell Targ, who with Harold Puthoff researched and named the phenomenon in 1972, wrote an open letter to the Wikipedia platform in 2014, showing many arguments why their classification of RV as "pseudoscience" is incorrect [more ...]

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A packaging theme

Remote viewing is not a protected term. Due to a lack of general terminology, the term is now used as a synonym for all possible variants of PSI-based perception. [more ...]

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The Stargate Project

The first long-term use of remote viewing as a technique, the "Star Gate Project" is the largest funded program in the history of parapsychological research. [more ...]

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What is Remote Viewing?

Many different questions can be researched with remote viewing. The possibility of illuminating places and situations and looking for solutions, regardless of time and space, is particularly appealing. [more ...]

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Es gibt keinen Zufall, nur das Nicht-Kennen der Ursache

Remote Viewing entdeckt man nicht durch Zufall, sagen die „alten“ Viewer. Und: Rund um den Globus gibt es bis heute nicht viele aktive RVer. Eine kleine Gruppe, die jedoch eine Erfahrung gemeinsam hat: Wer einmal den „Kopf in die Matrix gesteckt hat“, den krempelt das Leben komplett auf links. Man kann das, was RV an Möglichkeiten bietet, nicht einfach ignorieren. Wir, die Gründer von PSI unit, haben das auch erlebt. Und nun wollen wir mit unseren Fähigkeiten etwas nutzbringendes und sinnvolles anfangen. Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, wie wir damit nützlich sein können. Lesen Sie doch mal!

There is no coincidence, only not knowing the cause

Remote Viewing is not discovered by chance, say the "old" viewers. And: Around the globe there are not many active RVers until today. A small group, which has however an experience in common: Once you have "put your head in the matrix," life turns you completely inside out. You can't simply ignore the possibilities that RV offers. We, the founders of PSI unit, have also experienced this. And now we want to do something useful and meaningful with our abilities. There are many ways we can be useful with it. Have a read!

Remote Viewing tools

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