It is not always included where it says “Remote Viewing”.

Remote viewing is not a protected term. Due to a lack of general terminology, the term is now used as a synonym for all possible variants of PSI-based perception. But most of these applications do not focus on what makes remote viewing essentially – the methodical and systematic cleaning of the received data from personal interpretations.

Many roads lead to Rome. The human model is given the natural prerequisite for informational interaction with the quantum field. Anyone can – with the appropriate practice – query information from this field. As with any skill, there are naturally gifted people. Such people have been working as media, oracles, etc. for thousands of years.

The problem only arises when our minds process this incoming information. Because they have to go through there before we can pronounce them or put them on paper with the pen. The passage through the mind is problematic in several ways:

On the one hand, from a biological point of view, we only have a very small processing capacity for data. This means that not all information can be processed at the same time. The largest part, over 99 %, is processed beforehand by subconscious filters that we can only control to a very limited extent.

Second, our minds are there expressly to interpret all incoming information immediately, to catalog it and to put it in existing drawers. From an evolutionary point of view, this was an advantage – those who noticed the saber-toothed tiger out of the corner of their eye, but first wondered whether it had already eaten for lunch, were no longer able to reproduce. So-called analytical overlays (AUL) occur very early in the information processing process, which provide an unwanted interpretation that can distort or obscure the content of the message.

Remote Viewing | PSI unit

Cluster data instead of whole sentences

The special structure of the work process in remote viewing makes it possible to largely avoid such analytical overlays. That has done so far no other PSI technology. As a result, the data obtained are at first glance not quite as “attractive” as a story written down in full sentences that a medium could tell. It is mostly a collection of puzzle pieces and individual clusters of information. The processor can of course try to write down a conclusion in text form, but if the conversion is too extensive, there is again the risk of contamination by personal interpretations.

For this reason, we pass on the data of our views in the original cluster form in order to keep them as pure as possible. It has often been found that individual pieces of information appeared irrelevant at the moment of the view or were put into a different context – but, in retrospect, they were completely correct in their own information unit. So we don’t delete anything or add anything in order to make maximum use of the special effect of the method.

It becomes interesting when several viewers work on the same target, i.e. when several sessions arise independently of one another on the same question. Since the viewers basically work “blindly”, that is, they never know what question or what object the session is about, data that are processed by several viewers independently of each other are very likely to be secure.

The structured remote viewing project work specifically searches for matches in the data of independent sessions on the same topic, as these are to be viewed as a secured database.

Despite all the sophistication of the method, some uncertainty will remain with the use of remote viewing. That’s why we’re humans and we’re caught in the limitations of our model. We generally assume that if the method is used carefully, about 80% of the data will be correct.

Remote viewing by order


Viele verschiedene Fragestellungen sind mit Remote Viewing erforschbar. Besonders reizvoll ist auch die Möglichkeit, unabhängig von Raum und Zeit Orte und Situationen zu beleuchten und nach Lösungen zu suchen. Erwarten Sie aber keine Wunder – auch der beste Remote Viewer hat keine 100-prozentige Trefferquote. Die Methode ist nicht unfehlbar und hat Empfehlungs- oder Beratungscharakter.

Durch Remote Viewing eingeholte Informationen sind ausschließlich Empfehlungen oder Beratungen ohne Gewährleistung. Wir empfehlen, sich umfassend zu informieren und alle verfügbaren Informationen auf der Basis von Logik und Rationalität abzuwägen. Speziell im Gesundheitsbereich gilt: Die Inhalte der Sessions können und sollen nicht verwendet werden, um eigenständig Diagnosen zu stellen oder Behandlungen zu beginnen.