Excerpt from the original CRV manual by Paul H. Smith:

Those responses provided during the session to the viewer to indicate if he has detected and properly decoded site relevant information; or, information provided at some point after completion of the RV session or project to “close the loop” as it were, providing the viewer with closure as to the site accessed and allowing him to assess the quality of his performance more accurately.

In-session feedback, with which we will be here most concerned, is usually only used extensively in earlier stages of the training process, and has several interconnected functions. The very nature of the RV phenomena makes it often only rather tenuously accessible to one’s physically based perceptions, and therefore difficult to recognize. Feedback is provided after correct responses to enable the viewer to immediately identify those perceptions which produced the correct response and associate them with proper psychic behavior. Secondly, it serves to develop much needed viewer confidence by immediately rewarding the viewer and letting him know that he is being successful. Finally, it helps keep the viewer on the proper course and connected with the signal line, preventing him from falling into AOL drive and wandering off on a tangent.